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I need to get it out of my system. I will not go see Ariana on the Dangerous Woman Tour on June 7th. Say it again — I will not. Go see Ariana. This, was the only thing I was looking forward to in 2017. I’m not exaggerating. Tickets were booked in February...

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Tag(s) : #mental health, #Music

You know that feeling ? That one feeling of extreme frustration and anger which fuels self-loathing and overall aggressiveness ? I used to have that a lot, now, not so much. Today happened to be one of those days, however. And I hate that it makes me...

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Tag(s) : #Rants :D, #mental health

Something different for this update ! While I'm always working on Vivid Black - this is my main project and I basically think, eat, sleep and live Vivid Black since 2 years now, I took a (very) short break a while back and started re-drawing old characters...

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Tag(s) : #Art, #Drawing, #OC

Well, my last real artistic update was back in April 2016 , how about that ? that's hella sad I did go through a little art-block this year after my nearly two years of intense everyday drawing, but I didn't stop drawing at all. I did slow things down...

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Tag(s) : #Art, #Drawing, #Vivid Black, #OC

I stumbled upon this little gem about 2 weeks ago, and you should definitely take a look. Klyne - 'Don't Stop'' released on Because Music iTunes - http://po.st/DontStop_iT Spotify - http://po.st/KlyneDontStop Director: Holly Blakey Executive Producer:...

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Tag(s) : #Music

Sometimes, when I recall this blog is nearly 7 year old I feel like freaking out. Why ? Because the 20 year old me was a pain to read and just bear at all that's why and one day I'll just delete this whole blog out of shame

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Tag(s) : #Things I just want to talk about

Hi guys ! It's been a while I haven't kept up with my artistic updates on here, well, life is busy on several levels at the moment. We're constantly searching for an apartment to move in with my best friend (not an easy task since we're moving 200+km...

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Tag(s) : #Art, #Vivid Black, #OC
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