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💧 As a native Brittish girl, saying that I’m not used to brisky weather would be a huge lie (saying I don’t like rain would be another), yet, I sometimes just feel like “Meh, why don’t I live in Hawaii ?” D:

Today is one of those days…The weather was so nice the past couple days, where did it go ? :(

I can’t get over the fact that summer is gone for good people, I JUST CAN’T ㅠㅅㅠ I was such a winter person when I was younger, but that isn’t the case anymore, I wouldn’t mind living in a place where sun never really leaves really. *books a plane to California* *wait no* *NOPE! Comes back* 🚢


💧 I guess the weather in Hawaii would actually suit me, from what one of my dearest friends that was living here was perpetually telling me. It’s hot but there’s always some breeze, and the lowest the temperature generally gets is around 18° in winter. Ladies and Gentlemen, the hotter it gets in Brittany in Summer probably is 24°.



💧 Anyways, I’m not gonna make a full article about weather am I ? XD (it looks like a good start though *coughs*)

Right now I shall leave the computer alone and go sort some administrative papers. Fun stuff. 📜 📜 📜



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