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The Evil Within – THEORIES AND FACTS [⚠Huge Spoilers⚠]

  If you stumbled upon this one article before the other one (which is spoiler free), and haven’t played the game yet, then please don’t tell me you weren’t warned. :|


🎮  First off, everything that happens in the game is fake. Even the very first scenes in the car and discovering the Hospital’s victims are. If you look at it again, you’ll definitely see it. For instance, Joseph has a weird headache right after the sound of the radio falters, and it’s undeniably linked to Ruvik’s presence.


From then on, it takes a while before you actually get to know some important things about the world you’re wandering in and why. You get to know Sebastian more in the first part of the game, that he and his wife are both detectives, that they had a daughter called lily that dies in a fire in their house… Fun stuff !


💊  What you get to know about Ruvik’s life  💊


—He lived in a manor with his two parents and a sister called Laura. I can’t really remember right now (and I’m way too lazy to google it, I’m sorry) but his father seemed somehow important, and has some evident bonds with the Beacon Mental hospital; which the family was big donators for, too.

Ruvik’s real name is actually Ruben, and he seemed to be interested in science and mostly the human brain and mind since real young. He was already experiencing things on human bodies as a kid. No wonder the guy became such a twisted person later on *ahem*

Later again, Ruvik, as he leads you from this to that point of his story, you get to see a big grange where he’s playing with her sister in, while some farmers/villagers come by with torches and fuel to burn it down, claiming that it’s their land the family’s considering as theirs. They set it on fire to give them a lesson, without knowing the two kids are inside. One of the men mentions he thinks he heard children though, but they still go on. Ruben manages to escape through a little window thanks to his older sister Laura’s help. Sadly, she then dies in the fire that took over the whole farmhouse (explains why the only way to beat the 6 legged/members version of her in Ruvik’s world is to use fire). The boy ends up with half his body burnt too, though.




—When Sebastian tries to escape the grange himself, Ruvik (most presumably, since it’s only a mass of blood particles then…) picks his dead sister up from the ground and yells to him “you did this to us”. This one sentence still makes me frown, for I have no idea why he says it (and who to, since this could be someone else than Castellanos).


Later, you learn that Ruvik’s father locked his son out in the basement of their Manor, and he apparently makes Beatriz (mother) believe both their kids are dead.

Beatriz keeps hearing voices from underground rooms though and is persuaded deep inside that her son is alive.


—In my opinion, Ruvik’s father might have stumbled upon his son’s researches and wanted him away as he considers him a monster; as a matter of fact, Ruvik speaks of himself as a monster when he’s a kid, like he’d already heard it/and or anyway realized his researches weren’t a common thing.


The young adult Ruvik kills both his parents later (he somehow manages to get out then, but how ?). Some gamers said they wondered what happened to his parents, but the two corpses are clearly the same persons as on the family portrait you see earlier with the nurse by your side, and anyway, he accuses his father of keeping him locked out in a scene right before you see them dead. Why did he kill his mother too though, this is also mysterious; especially since she seemed pretty worried by his absence.


When Dr. Jimenez comes asking where his parents are during one of his visibly frequent visits to Ruvik, the latter just says they’re not coming back. Jimenez pressures him about the fact his family isn’t donating to the hospital anymore and it gets him pretty angry, saying Beacon has done nothing worthy of donations lately.


When speaking of his researches, Ruvik considers his victims as mere patients and says they’re actually helping reaching a higher goal (while really, he’s just hopelessly cruel in spite of everything). I’m really not sure what his researches are about, but it’s indeed something out of this world, that no one yet managed to understand and control. I’m going for something along secrets of the mind like controlling pain, fear, hope and the likes, as if he wanted to create some sort of highly superior brain, which could keep on acting on his own but without all the flaws it has as we know it. Some of his researches clearly imply that he’s trying to make it insensible to suffering, both mental and physical. As for the rest, it seems pretty common for someone who would be doing lobotomies and the likes… He’s testing everything, really, all the basic and further reactions. Basically, if you ask me, Ruvik is nothing but the archetype of a real sad guy who grew up in a pretty twisted context wherein his father; whom he probably admired at some point; became everything he hated at another. The only person he seems to considerably love was his sister, anyway.


[Welcome to Ruvik's basement facility...]




—Where is Joseph ?

Ruvik hints at Joseph failing to fulfill the ‘mission’ he’s given him and switches to Sebastian (definitely ‘possessing’ his mind/will)

Joseph supposedly dies when trying to stop (not too hard though) Kidman from killing Leslie, but it’s not like we have a clear proof of that. It’s really just assumptions.


—What’s the whole deal with Leslie ?

Well, Leslie arrives in the game real early, and it’s evident from the beginning that he’s gonna play a big part in it. First of all, he’s pretty damn much the only patient still alive from Beacon’s bloody massacre. Which definitely means something. Secondly, the majority of the few words he stammers are premonitions, which happen to always be correct. (the van falling, the danger around, places you shouldn’t go…)


Also, you later get to know Leslie already survived a ‘trip’ inside Ruvik’s mind. He made it back to the real world the past time (~> explains his behaviour from the beginning)

For the short moment Dr Jimenez explains it and turns the machine on (which Leslie is connected to), they actually go back to the real world (or have a vision of it), in the hospital where they’re being connected to Ruvik’s brain by the machines. When it fails to truly work, Jimenez realizes that Ruvik wants out too, which is why no one is escaping. His hate has become so huge that he won’t let anything else happen.


Just after that, the guy in prison clearly explains how things are going to turn out if we don’t make it out before Ruvik does manage to get into Leslie’s mind. He explains just what is factually going to take place, saying that Ruvik needs to get back into the real world to basically get his revenge on life.



🎮  When Sebastian gets into town at the end of the game, the only place remaining untouched is the Beacon Asylum. Metaphorically, it’s Ruvik’s mind for me (and also the place you need to go to to end it all; since the current, physical you is there in reality too, but you see).


—When Kidman is about to kill Leslie :

You get to know that she’s implied in this all much more than you thought she was. She pretty much knows everything you don’t about the whole issue, and isn’t even on your side, actually. Considering how the game ends, I’m still really not sure what’s her role in it all. She’s on Jimenez’s side and she ‘has orders’, but still. Why would they all basically do all of this ? If Leslie had really been sent to Ruvik like that in the past already, since when is this going on exactly ? Why are they trying to stop him this way ? More importantly, is Sebastian linked in any way to Ruvik and his family ?  I still wonder what this “You did this to us” at the grange was for, and if it was actually aimed at Castellanos.


—What was Myra, his wife, working on exactly ?

His daughter Lilly died in a fire too, but I fail to see the connection with Ruvik’s story apart from that one point.


Jimenez ‘kidnapped’ Ruvik to use him and make all his research final but in his own name.

This explains his resentment towards the guy and part of the current situation. They probably ended up keeping his brain only and connected it to that machine. The reasons why they’re doing this; save for some sort of megalomania and actual possibility to create an alternated reality based on Ruvik’s thoughts which you can send people to… Well, I have no clue. This is what bothers me most, the overall motives of pretty much everyone in this game remains vague and or/unknown to me.


—When you are at Beacon’s at the very end and see Leslie under the rain, eyes closed :

For my part, I think that Ruvik already got him at this point. He looks way too relaxed and walks in a perfectly normal way; which he simply doesn’t do. The other scenes you see later are just the metaphoric way of making his ‘possession’ tangible to me. When Leslie -willingly- walks to him; while he should have all the reasons in the world to be scared, and he has been so until then; he transforms into water right as Ruvik touches him, and this water/liquid we have all around is seemingly directly pumped into the giant brain in the center; which equals to Ruvik’s one in reality; so to me it’s pretty clear that he managed getting into his body earlier. Actually, I think the moment when Ruvik managed is right after you stumble upon Leslie curled up saying “Losing our minds” repeatedly (and also, this situation happened many times in the game before as well, only then, Leslie might have been strong enough to resist). Right as he stands up, his expression is different, and he leads you right where he wants you to be; not to mention that, despite his still shaky way of walking/behaving, he’s way too fast to reach certain places, it truly doesn’t look like it would be the real Leslie to me.


However, when you reach that antechamber and see yourself connected to that machine underneath, the Leslie Kidman is after looks like the real one much more, but it still could be Ruvik. He’s pretty smart, mind you. Also, Kidman now refers to Leslie saying “If you know who that kid is, you can’t let him live”. Although, Sebastian keeps being stubborn and wants justice for the young Leslie, eh. Not such a good detective right now, are you…


—As for the end :

I’ve seen a theory saying this wasn’t Ruvik’s world anymore, but Sebastian’s own twisted fantasy. And, honestly, it seems pretty legit. There is a clear closeup on him connected to the machine before the fight that could hint at it, and like many people said, the overall fight happens way too smoothly for it to be from Ruvik’s mind, I mean come on, you’re impaled with a huge thing in your chest and still manage to shoot that gigantic beast ? Ruvik showed you who’s boss throughout the whole game, bringing you wherever he wanted and whenever he wanted it, so no, I don’t buy the fact it could be him inside that monster and the likes. Castellanos fights against his own demons in that scene for me.

Then, you wake up once and smash Ruvik’s brain. Wake up twice, but in the real world this time (at least, I think so). Kidman knows you’re alive but says to the personnel that you’re actually dead (and that anyway, “you not going anywhere, no one can”), just like Jimenez and the officer you were alongside in the car at the beginning. When you wake up and leave a bit later, we see that the tub Leslie was in is empty. Matter of fact, he’s already gone, and you can see him leaving Beacon outside, walking in a definitely familiar fashion *coughruvikcough*. Then you get one of those odd headaches, and he’s gone.


🎮  WELL. Ruvik managed to get out and use Leslie as his vessel. However, the headache still could suggest that it’s STILL not reality, and here, things become pretty damn too complicated if you ask me… The theories are endless, and when I finish a game, I hate not to have –at least- a few explanations. >:(



Is there anything I missed (there most definitely should be XD) or do you see it all in a completely different way for your part ? Don’t hesitate commenting to explain and discuss, I would gladly do so for The Evil Within really got me hooked and wondering on tons of things regarding its unfolding…



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