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The Evil Within — Walkthrough, DLC and Season Pass [Spoiler Free ✔]

🎮 These are words that pretty much describe my life from the 2 past weeks, at least whenever my PS3 would be on. I have been wanting to check out The Evil Within from the first time I heard about it, which was somewhere a few months back on Bloody Disgusting. However, I had so many negative things on my mind and in my life that lasted from last summer that I had willingly been letting anything horror related aside since a moment, and this was a wise decision, because no matter how I like it, it does tend to get me in a terrible mood depending on how psychological/sad/dark things can get.

Anyway, last month so (man we’re in December. WE’RE IN FREAKING DECEMBER. WHERE IS TIME GOING (# ゚Д゚) ムッ!), I have been wandering in video games stores and aisle in various places in town and always ended up with that game in my hands, the CM that I kept seeing every night on TV made me more and more curious too… Yet, for some odd reasons, save for the fact I’m broke, I didn’t buy it. I don’t know, there was some part of me that remained reticent, not because I’m a wimp, but because I was already persuaded that this wasn’t for me. (I honestly can see anything and gory stuff doesn’t disturb me one bit, I’m more of a psychological fear person. Although, I must admit games do tend to scare me much, much more than movies because I’m one really implied gamer…XD) When I say that, I speak in terms of gameplay, actually.


🎮  I’ve always been quite a gamer; I started playing seriously around 7/8 I’d say; but not only did I stop playing daylily since some years now (you know, life and other, bigger passions…Plus everything that being an adult implies…funny things.), but mostly, the games I play are 80% RPGs, the rest being real easy Shoot ‘em up and fighting games (not counting the cute/girly stuff that I do play on PSP and DS too when I need to stop thinking XD). Things I’m not good at : first person / logic / shooter etc. I swear, the only logic I have when it comes to video games is the one you find in RPGs, so generally, I think way too much, even when I face the simplest, most logical events.

Example : There’s a set of keys in front of me. I take it, but from the beginning, I’m thinking I’ll be struggling to still have the right key and will probably have to look for another set of keys somewhere hidden under 4 tons of challenges. While no, really, it’s the right set of keys. (XD) I don’t trust in game creators actually, for they’re exceptionally twisted minds that like torturing us and keep laughing devilishly when seeing people struggling in their games and/or missing tons of stuff in them…lol

What I’m not used to either, and this is definitely because of years of RPGs (and especially FF…), is to in fact interact in a concrete way with the sets. You rarely do so in these games, you generally don’t grab stuff on the ground, weapons, etc… Even in games like Ocarina of Time, these kind of interactions remain quite uncommon (though there are a lot compared to a Final Fantasy), so I got used to it through the years. The fact all the new generation consoles were out when I was already an adult plays a big part in it too though, because, undeniably, it would have cost so much to make this many things interactive in games before when you compare it all. But, yeah, even after playing nearly all the Devil May Cry games and the likes, I remain fairly dumb in front of logical games. XD


🎮 Whiiich brings me back to The Evil Within. Since I was so hesitant, I finally decided to get myself sitting through a little walkthrough, at least like the first hour. By the way, it’s another thing you young people are benefiting from that I didn’t have in my teens! We just couldn’t’ go on Youtube and see if this or that game looked nice enough, not to mention that, if we wanted to see the TGS trailers and the like…Well, you had to actually be there (XD), and if not, wait for a good month or two for magazines to make their reviews and share some photos. Eh. If you were lucky, you could still find one coming with a CD-ROM or a VCD that had a few pixelated videos on it ._. (I’m not even that old but dude, things changed so fast) It was somewhat nice too though, at least I’m from a generation who still know what it was to actually wait for things we wanted~



🎮  So, I remember, it was around midnight on a Saturday, I was tranquilly writing in the near dark with only some candles and the TV on (welcome to my perfect weekend night, I’m such a party animal) when, suddenly, I decided to watch that walkthrough. I don’t even know why it came up so randomly (but I do work like that in my life most of the time). After 45mins of game, I already had the confirmation that I did a good thing by not buying it. Definitely, I would suck hard at it, I know myself and there is no way in hell that I would manage in this kind of games. XD


Like I said earlier; if I’m as calm as one could in front of horror movies, I’m generally running around in panic when being menaced in a survival horror game, you should have seen me escaping the dogs in Silent Hill while I had barely arrived in town, talking to myself and stating “NO I’M NOT GOING TO THAT DOGHOUSE I AM NOT /coughs/ Same thing with Fatal Frame right as I passed the second door : “I DON’T LIKE THESE ROPES HANGING FROM THE CEILING I DON’T LIKE THEMXD

Seriously I don’t even get why and how I get so freaked out when I’m the one playing and rather ends up yawning and laughing at most scenes as a spectator. OTL So, yeah, taking all of that in account, it seems obvious to me that I would not do good at running away from Laura nor the Keeper in The Evil Within, especially since the surrounding change just as they like (walls appearing behind you like Surprise! And such).


Still though, this game managed capturing my attention after about 4/5 hours of walkthrough (can you tell I’m a stubborn person?), while the 2 first ones really didn’t convince me, to be honest. I was extraordinarily disappointed, even. It looked like such a mix of Silent Hill, Resident Evil and SAW that I was not sure what was going to happen plot-wise. The characters, and especially Ruvik, managed to get me into it though, and bits by bits the unfolding of it all happened to be way more complex that I thought it would ever get. Actually, so that the end got me like :



🎮  I swear, I’m not gonna spoil it for those who haven’t seen/played it (actually I am, but in a second article uhuh), but I hate it when an ending leaves you :

What the fuck have I just seen and lost 10+ hours on ?” :/

I literally spent 2 days in front of 35 parts of walkthrough (not just cutscenes, I watched the whole damn game) for an ending that got me protesting aloud, I’m not even exaggerating. I’m not sure it’s that good when you spend one more hour watching theory videos from other gamers afterwards, especially since pretty much no one has the same. I stumbled upon one guy having the exact same one as mine though, which, funnily, was the most logical one, but still, it remains a theory and lots of points are left unresolved even with it. *sigh*


🎮  You don’t have to reveal everything for a game to be good, absolutely not, but there are some things in The Evil Within that definitely needed explanations, and we didn’t get them yet. Now I’m just waiting for some good souls to upload the DLC parts that should be from Kidman’s POV if I’m right, but no luck finding anything so far. I really wonder what was the actual point of it all…I’m still trying to understand what’s the real link between all the characters, but I can’t say more without spoiling the story ><


(If you want spoilers though, read that second article ! —HERE~)



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