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Still working on Demons ! I don't know, seems like it' the only thing truly inspiring me as of now, I feel like like I'm being exceptionally bad at fanarts since a week or so now. I was pretty satisfied with those I did before and for the past 6 months, but real recently I'm just not feeling comfortable with them. *sigh*


So yeah, here a few sketches that come from my Drawing Note Book, made these past couple of days :

Primary sketches and ideas for upcoming pieces~✌

You have some Kings of Hell plus some from the 72 Demons series I'm working on; here Stolas/Vepar/Purson/Belial and Viné.

These are only primary ideas, so they definitely might evolve into something very different...


...Knowing myself.



Tag(s) : #Art, #Demons, #WIP

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