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Hi guys ! Well, as I've been saying here too , it's been a little while I haven't updated. I've actually been working on many things at once, pretty important ones, and so far I truly feel like it's all going forward. So, yes, things are doing well~

I've been working on VIVID BLACK like, 24/7, to be honest. At least, it truly feels like it. I eat sleep and breathe Vivid Black, it has become my baby at this point. (and I don't know if I should be worried or happy about it ahem) (This sentence is a lie I already know what I feel and I'm terribly anxious)


Anyway ! The Characters' profile sheets are all coming up this weekend, and it was about time. People have started liking the characters without knowing much about them, (and I will never thank you guys enough for it, by the way ) especially Donovan and Toya, and since they happen to also be the main couple of the story, well, it's better if you get to know them a tad bit (that is, until I'm done getting the actual fiction ready too, which shouldn't be long now.).

I'll also be introducing secondary characters, as they are rather numerous, which the two guys on this work in progress underneath are a part of :


A real update ! (it was about time)

(On a side note : I fcking love drawing braids . You might get more drawings than needed of these two JUST because one of them has it. uhuh)


So, basically, the next update from me on DeviantART is gonna be rather massive (well, compared to the usual amount, that is). It will include these profile sheets so, these drawings on the picture above, and new Vivid Black Illustrations as well. Ah, and I've been working on a separate one-shot project as well, so if I'm fast enough, this might come along.


Well, I should leave this post alone and finish what needs to be finished, byes for now !

Tag(s) : #Art, #WIP, #OC, #Vivid Black, #Drawing

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