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Abel Palm Tree Tesfaye, A.K.A The Weeknd


I know Abel has a lot of Fangirls. However, for some reasons, I have been having spontaneous discussions with the fanboys only so far (them to me, I haven’t actually engaged in a conversation with any The Weeknd fan). And most apparently I fit in as one of them, for twice I have been assumed as male, and this without doing anything special. It got me somewhat curious regarding this fandom… Most active fans I seem to stumble upon are guys, so please, if you're a girl and actually like The Weeknd for his music solely, give me a sign, I'm starting to think too many of us are following this guy because of both his cute face and supposedly destructive/oh-so-subversive lifestyle.


Don’t get me wrong, I do understand Abel attracts lots of chicks, for he is pretty charismatic and sure is really cute, I certainly can’t deny that (proof by the image on your right).

Then you add the sweet voice, the crude lyrics and overall bad boy vibe and he makes a nice little package for most girls.

I don’t criticize the fangirl behaviour for I have been one all my life, but in this particular case, I always found it pretty amusing. The whole “I’m only that bad because inside I’m scared of love but let’s fuck anyway” image he’s voluntarily passing on is pretty brilliant if you ask me, who’s more attracted to that kind of scheme than teenage girls ? Like, aww, he’s such a complex being ! *high pitched voice*

Not that I’m saying Abel’s lyrics are aimed at a specific audience, for most of them (at least in his early works) are clearly personal (yet relatable) and unapologetic, but still. The guy looks like such an unstoppable machine to me, I’m having just this much of trouble believing it isn’t a bit of well thought marketing. Sincerely, the maturity and cleverness most these topics he writes about are treated with leaves me kind of baffled, which doesn’t mean they’ve been approached any less genuinely, I know. The fact he is where he is today fuels this one thought of mine as well. Yet, it doesn’t change by any means the way I see him and his work, for I simply love it.


I’m not going to lie, like many, and because of many, maybe, I had my doubts about “Beauty Behind the Madness”. Might it be the title alone already, and also, the fact that the songs coming from it we knew beforehand were :




Earned it


The Hills


Can’t Feel My Face


Which are strictly all, really easy listening songs compared to what he did before. I liked Often, didn’t especially like Earned it (in fact, I purposely ignored it for reasons that aren’t hard to deduce, I’ll leave you with that. Because well, it is a good song otherwise.), loved The Hills and Can’t Feel My Face, yet, these last two felt really different to me, I mean, the production was obviously different and somehow it didn’t feel like him.


I’m not gonna go “this was better before” because, honestly, I’m all for changes as long as they’re good (and even if they weren't, well, can't blame an artist for evolving/wanting something different), and after having been listening to BBTM fully, I can’t say anything else than I loved it.

There’s one song I won’t listen to again only (which is Angel, I mean Abel wtf happened here ?) out of 14, and I officially have 2 new favorite songs from him (Shameless/Real Life).

Ah, I do have one actual complaint : I stumbled upon “Girls Born in the 90’s” a while back, and since I’m not part of this one fandom, I had no clue where it came from (only knew it was a 2015 release), and certainly not that it would be part of the new album.

I instantly fell in love with this song, like, really. I can safely say this was my favorite from his recent releases, so seeing that it was basically just a demo for what became “Acquainted” on BBTM was a disappointment. Acquainted is part of my favourites from this album, but I still favor Girls born in the 90’s over it (in terms of lyrics as well, without any question and although they have similarities).


Other than that, well, I hope this dude doesn’t go on like that because he’s ruining my music stats really badly releasing stuff this perfect.

And also inspiring me to draw many more smutty scenes than planned, seriously. If you follow my work a bit, well, thank Abel for all the smut I produce, he’s responsible for like, 40% of it as what I draw generally reflects what I listen to. Ahem.

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