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Oh man, I’ve been SO behind my artistic updates these days… All my accounts have been updated properly, and this one ? Nope. Don’t ask, I don’t know. I’m just weird at times.

Anyways, if I’m not mistaken, 100% of these updates are VIVID BLACK related (it’s not like I work on anything else though *coughs*). Here we go !

  •  I made this one of Toya because I felt like I needed a proper portrait of him. This would be his onstage look though, as he’s having a fairly simple appearance in daily life. He sometimes wears contacts and does his hair during the day, but not so much.
  • Luca and Damian are ones of the main couples of VIVID BLACK , and yet I haven’t exploited it much on paper. I do enjoy drawing them though, although Damian’s curly hair kills me !


  • This was a fun Meme. Actually, I enjoyed it way too much.

Uncensored, 18+ versions here ~ K o k o n u t - M i l k


  • Donovan (and Jin), in what would be a pre-show situation. Don generally wears crop tops and short shorts, which I enjoy drawing on him a lot~ I also particularly love drawing his hair, no matter what I decide on doing with it.

[P R E V I E W]

1 Hour by Semichan-Kokonut

  • Had this one idea since a moment. I have to admit it, I myself wasn’t sure how my own character looked without makeup before I eventually came to do this. Jin just doesn’t do anything without it save for sleeping, so I naturally never drew him with his face bare, because, truly, it just wouldn’t be him anyway. But for the short lapse of time between waking up and getting ready, here’s what he would look like, so ! (click for the gif)



  • These two are secondary characters in the story, but I’ve always liked them a bit more than some others, so they get their own little doodles.


  • Part of a series I made recently with Donovan and his first ever boyfriend, Rahil (Don’s current boyfriend is Toya, which you can see at the top of this list). They spent most their teenage years together. :)




  • Complementary pieces with the story’s main couple (Donovan/Toya) and the two best friends (Toya/Jin). Got inspired to draw these while listening to, actually, The Weeknd’s “The Birds, Part 1 + 2”, because also, these two songs happen to match my characters’ relationships quite well. (Side note : If the title of my pieces seem odd or unrelated to you, well, assume that it’s a song title, you’ll most probably be right.)


  • And the latest update from 2 days ago, a quick drawing of Donovan, which sums up a big part of his personality.



We're done for now ! I'll be updating with new drawings this weekend too, though. I'm being quite productive lately~

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