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So, suddenly, night came and I went into what I would call my little 'security' mode, which happens every once in a while. Without being able to refrain nor explain it, I feel the need to lock myself in, but in a literal way.

I lock the front door completely (meaning the key hole + 2 other lockers), close all the shutters, in every single room, then I make some coffee and generally dim the lights to finally light several candles in the room I choose to stay in, which is most generally the living.


I can't explain why (although I have my guesses), but each time it happens, I feel absolutely secure and strangely limitless. I tend to get super inspired during those nights too, and rarely go to bed early, but I go to bed happy. I truly like these kind of nights, it's like I reconnect with myself and things that matter.


I swear, being a loner has more pros than cons.


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