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Think twice before you Retweet

So Siwon expressed his opinion against same sex marriage YET again. Only, this time, he did on Twitter, and as always, he's trying to shove religion down our throats.



Am I surprised ? Absolutely not.

Do I think it's sad ? Yes.

Does he deserve the backlash ? Heck yes.



"I wished to voice a plurality of opinions"


...Come on, stand for your opinions, big boy. You don't act so deliberately homophobic to say you just wished to express a 'plurality of opinions' right after. I always thought Siwon had all the characteristics of a closeted man in denial, and this doesn't help me think otherwise.

Siwon has never shown any problem being physically close; like, really close; to other men, I mean hell, Super Junior members keep complaining he's asking for kisses, hugs and such on a daily basis. He has been having ambiguous behaviours since forever, and I'm not talking Fanservice nor cultural differences here.

And seriously, he's been having Heechul as one of his closest peers since he entered the industry. You don't retweet such things when you have Heechul as a friend, for all the reasons in the world.


Siwon's opinion doesn't matter though, I saw it coming and was somewhat fearing such a scandal would come up one day (well, here it is!), which would end up in me unfollowing him, and I'm not following many SJ members anymore, basically.

I'm an atheist, and I'm bi. Following Siwon has always been an ambivalent experience, as you can guess. I have no problem with other people's religions, and I don't mind them expressing their faith as long as they don't force it on to me. Really. Just because I don't believe in something doesn't mean others are wrong, I've understood that long ago.

But when it comes to LGBT issues, I don't know, I'm not as relaxed. The thing is, people fail to understand being gay/bi/Trans is not a choice. That's really all the difference.


Giving an opinion is no problem, judging people is one, though. And giving such an 'opinion' on people who are just living their life as it is isn't acceptable.

Siwon's fans are defending him by saying he just gave an opinion and shouldn't be judged for it. How funny is that ? These people are pretty cute.

Tons of others are just being plain bigots though, and this, is even harder for me to bear right now. Also, some Kpoppers are saying stuff like "I'm starting to like him now" and the likes... Man, Super Junior didn't need that. Definitely, this group is going down.


Also, I love how all the fangirls are plain homophobic when the actual topic comes up. When it's fanservice, they don't mind one bit. But if it gets somewhat too real, eww, please no !



I have been writing this entry about Homophobia just yesterday night, and this morning, what's the first thing I see on my feeds ? Siwon being, actually, homophobic. What a way to start the weekend.

Tag(s) : #Lgbt, #Rants :D

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