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Update — Count Glasya Labolas  ⟦NSFW⟧

On with the “72 Demons” series I’ve been starting quite a while ago now (I mean really. The first one is from a year ago. A FREAKING YEAR ago), which is being hellishly disorganized and random so far (no pun here, I swear.)… There’s only 3 other ones done so far, which are these :


#09 — Paimon



#13 — Beleth



#67 — Amdusias



Let’s recall, friends, that I engaged in a 72 pieces series. Ahem.


But you know what ? I will do it. I know myself, and if, 1 year later, I’m still holding onto an actually barely started project, it means I’m definitely going to go through it wholly.

Anyway, here’s the new and latest one so, it’s Count Glasya Labolas. What a fab name.

I wanted something gory, since this guy is “the captain of manslaughter and bloodshed” in the Ars Goetia of the demonology book I’m basing this series off of. So here you go, he’s sitting on a flesh made throne that feeds on cadavers around it.

This one took a really long time to finish, not only because it has a sh*tload of details, but because it seemed that whenever I would try to work on it for a reasonable amount of time, I wouldn’t manage.

So if the drawing was actually made back in January, the coloring was fully done now only, and we’re in September. At this point, I thought I would never finish it, sincerely.

Due to this long span and the fact I have been learning traditional drawing/coloring with alcohol based marker all through the past year (I was doing digital before, and had a terrible Art-Block from 2010 to early 2014, too.), I can say that there are a lot of things I wouldn’t be drawing the same way today, but well, it still looks okay I guess.

Surprisingly, this was my second time drawing blood only, too (the only other times I do recall were all in black and white, for old comics of mine). It seems that I just haven’t done it until then, while I’m a big Horror fan. How is that even possible ? I have no clue.


Tag(s) : #Drawing, #Art, #Demons, #NSFW

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