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Update — “That's Real Life” [Vivid Black]

Hi people !

Here's a piece made in early september, which includes two characters from my original story (in progress), Vivid Black.

Toya and Jin are best friends since they met during their teens, and this drawing is actually part of it :

I'll probably be doing more of these two during their teens soon. But I really should focus on writing as of now... I swear, Vivid Black is a project I've already been working on for 6 years in total, (including a 4 years Art-Block though), and there's actually a huge part of it that's written down, only, I'm the most anarchic writer.

To put it simply, I write what comes to my mind, no matter what and how, which means it's not chronoligical for 90% of it. All the chapter part and storyline is done and organized and so, I put the stuff I write in the correct place soon after, but as you can guess, it's not making things easy for me. I've always been working like that though, it seems that I can't get rid of that habit.

Anyway, I'll do my best to get that first chapter online soon. No matter what ensues, I'll be doing it, whether I end up with no support at all or not XD



Tag(s) : #Vivid Black, #Art, #Drawing, #OC

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