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Well, that is what is happening to me with one character from my original story “Vivid Black” (for more about it, check my DeviantART, or the dedicated FB page.)

I got that dude named Isandro, which is a character that comes up much later in the storyline and so, that I haven’t built so much yet. If his role and its repercussions are set for good, it seems that I can’t get a hold of what I truly want him to look like.

I created him in late 2010, which was when I was starting to get right into my 4 years long Art Block; and this might explain the struggle that followed. I tried re-drawing him in 2011 and it sure was better, but then, I stopped drawing for good.

When I came back to drawing, I suddenly abandoned digital and started traditional, but also, I realized that the way I was drawing evolved a lot during the time I factually didn’t do anything. I started redrawing all my Vivid Black characters one after another, and of course, Isandro was no exception. Only… Here I was again. I wasn’t totally satisfied with his looks.

He’s supposed to be half Mexican half Brazilian, and really, so far the only things I know won’t change are his skin tone and his eye color.

I tried drawing a new version last month yet again, but man, I sure failed. I hate this new version, and definitely the May 2015 is the best one yet. I’ll just leave him to the side for a bit again… Until I do find the courage (or need) to re-draw him again. *sigh*

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