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Update — “Duke Vepar"

Hey ! *waves* Finally, I’m uploading that one ! I’ve been finishing it last weekend (if I’m right), but didn’t really have any time to take care of putting it online until then.

It’s a new piece for my “72 Demons” series, here’s Duke Vepar, so.

It was pretty much my first shot at a Merman, the only close thing I ever did so far being Leviathan (from another Demon series) :

…Which I however didn’t draw as an actual merman. It was more of a Humanoid character with, basically, a long fish tail and lots of scales.

It does sound like a Merman, now that I'm saying it. (XD) I honestly drew it thinking of a marine dragon more than anything else, though.

So, yeah, first try and most probably not the last, as I have 70+ other demons to do in this one series !


{Other Demons from that collection}



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