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Update — Paint, POSCA & Friends  ⟦NSFW⟧

Hey ! /waves/

Here comes an update, featuring two pieces. One with my lil Donovan from VIVID BLACK, the other with two other OCs of mine too, but from another project (currently unamed).


#151 by Semichan-Kokonut

The process of the piece was a long one for me. It was started on the 1st of august of this year, on a night I remember was pretty much a bad one. It was the weekend, and I had had a bad day, in which I hadn’t been drawing.

Came the night, and I started coloring ongoing things, before, I don’t recall how nor when, I stopped everything and started doodling on canson paper I had been using as a test sheet for colors, and which consequently had a few scribbles and more on it. Donovan slowly appeared onto it…


…Then it became a lineart, and colors quickly came.



But then, I completely left it alone in a corner, and it was only about a week and a half ago that I settled on finishing it for good.



#Paint day today~ 🎨 《#Art #drawing #draw #painting #WIP #workinprogress》

Une photo publiée par Semichan (@semichan_kokonut) le

It took a few days only, which is good because I have been exceptionally slow on it. It was pretty tiring, because from the moment the main colors were laid out, it felt like I wasn’t going any further no matter what. It was only details and touch ups, along with several layers of colors for the darkest ones.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it, actually, it was a much longer process for me too for the sole reason that it was 90% medias I’m not used to work with. I usually use alcohol based markers, and here, it’s mostly paint and posca pens.

It was, also, one of my first somewhat abstract/surreal drawings (forgetting Donovan on it, of course). I guess it’s still pretty empiric stuff for most of it, but it’s just who I am. I’m a real Cartesian and I think it shows in my drawings and my writing, I honestly think I have a bit of a too down-to-earth creativity at times. People keep telling me I am imaginative, but I really don’t see it.

Anyway, digressing here !

To end this way too long explanation here, well, you will see it in the actual fiction when it’s online (I’m just this close to finally finishing the first chapter these days— if only I wasn’t such an anarchic writer, there are literally 300+ finished pages coming right after already…) but this whole drawing has lots of hints as to who Donovan is, aside from the fact he does want to be taller. (Or just tall, to begin with. XD) It might be too subtle for some of them, but there’s really like half of his actual life on this.


The second piece has a mature content filter but it's totally viewable compared to some of my other 18+ stuff. (meaning no actual porno) So it is sexual, but nothing too graphic.

Hundred Miles by Semichan-Kokonut

This one was yet made during a night, and features two characters of mine from another project I’ve been starting just recently, which is a little side story to Vivid Black.

I’m probably not gonna do much with it, I just needed something new to keep my mind off of the main story without getting too far away from it.

So these two are called Keziah and Otis, and are basically boyfriends. And porn actors. Also, Keziah happens to be Luca’s brother (one of the main Vivid Black characters).

About the drawing itself, well, it’s entirely paint here (excluding the lines, which I can’t help and won’t stop doing with my usual liners. I just won’t.). This was a real first for me, and to be totally honest, I could have done much worse, right ? It’s definitely rough and messy, but it’s pretty ok to me. It’s a first time, it has to be somewhat messy, right ?

Anyway, I’m happy with it, as, also, it was a real quick drawing in the first place. It wasn’t even meant to be published, so, yeah. But this might be a biased view, as I honestly love drawing Otis to death (the blond one).


Hope you like those two~ There might not be any major Artwork update in a little while now, I’m truly focusing on writing as of now. Maybe a few sketches and such, but that’ll probably be it. :)


Byes for now !

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