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[Vivid Black] Bonds  ⟦NSFW⟧

Here are three mixed media pieces featuring the main couples (romantic and non-romantic) of my project Vivid Black, which are, in several ways, describing the relationship the characters are having.

Most details on these are actually clues to who they are, the type of flowers, most colors, etc... I'm a really empirical person though and anything abstract is just way beyond me, so these might not be much of a secret or metaphor for anyone who is on the theoretical side. (you'd still have to know about flower meanings though! ...Although some are, again, pretty damn obvious. ahem.)

Anyway, let's go !


Ich Tu Dir Weh by Semichan-Kokonut

  • Jin (20 — blond one) and Toya (22) are best friends. They spent their teenage years together and went through many hardships, which made their relationship both strong and fragile. They are, however, really inter-reliant and won't take any important decision without the other's consent.


Sakura Drops by Semichan-Kokonut

  • Donovan (18) and Toya (22) are boyfriends. They have a really passionate relationship. In two sentences : Opposites Attract / Love is blind.


Never Let Me Down by Semichan-Kokonut

  • Luca (26) and Camille (26) are best friends as well. They grew up together and have the most caring relationship, they consider each other family. Luca is especially protective with her.



These three happened completely randomly, or at least, the first one did. Since I can't live without music and that most my sudden inspirations come from songs I listen to, well, this is just what happened again.

To be exact as to how it started, there was a Rammstein concert on Arte not so long ago, which I ended up watching out of curiosity. Just so you know, and although I don't have the matching looks and it always surprises people when I tell them (really), I actually love metal and used to be a real metal head. Although I must say my tastes in it still reflect my other music tastes (they're pretty mainstream If you exclude Dir en grey, My favourite group is most probably KoRn, also, I'm definitely a nu metal person).

Anyway, my metal years have always been a bit conflictivel, because they happened when, funnily enough, I was scared sh*tless by anything horrific and couldn't bear the mere mention of the words "horror movie". Now that I look back and after having been seeing 300+ movies of that genre (I make lists of practically everything. No, I'm not creepy.), I can do nothing but laugh at the teenager I was, but what can you do, huh ?

So yes, I was very cautious as to which group to follow and which music video I could and wanted to watch, I must say Dir en grey went this close to go too far for me numerous times back then, and of course, who was on my top 10 "I don't want to ever hear of you" list ? Rammstein.

The echoes I had weren't so good (for me), performance/visual wise that is, because anyone I ever talked to about it always told me they were a great band. And I would go "I don't care if they are, the frontman comes up on stage dressed as a butcher and uses firethrowers, I DON'T CARE IF THEY ARE GOOD OR NOT!".*dramatic voice*

I swear, this was one of my number one concerns. I hated blood and gore so much I don't even understand it. It's not like 'I wasn't a fan', I was an anti-fan at that point. But miraculously, one day, I started watching Horror movies on my own (I just decided it was about time I stopped being childish about it), and somehow I became a real horror fan in the meantime. And I've seen a lot (think the worst/most shocking films people generally mention, there's a good chance I've seen it As of today some of my favourite movies ever happen to be Martyrs and Santa Sangre). So now that I was facing the opportunity to watch a full Rammstein concert, I didn't let it go.


It was just starting when I put it on. I was drawing and thought it would just be running in the back with occasional glances of my part, but I stayed watching it all from my chair at my desk. Two things I wasn't prepared for :

  1. Rammstein is more melodious than I ever thought they would sound
  2. They're pretty damn funny !

The only songs I knew from them were, "Du Hast", (and, like pretty much everyone else)  "Amerika" and "P*ssy". I had heard the first one several times during my teens and it fitted the image I was having of this band, so watching this Madison Square Garden concert felt completely strange to me. There was a lot of (good) singing, melodious parts (not that I don't like when stuff get more hardcore), and man, there's fantastic sets and effects on stage.

And so, (I'm finally getting to the point!) I literally fell in love with the song "Ich tu dir Weh" from the very first time I heard it. It was this actual performance :

(I was lucky enough that Arte also broadcasted the "Rammstein in Amerika" documentary and the group in fact mentioned this song and its title at one point. Which was really fortunate for me, because my german skills are far too poor to make out any kind of title by myself; all I remember from german class is that I knew about Neuschwanstein castle and that it impressed the teacher on the first day... Although, I knew it from a Yaoi manga. There's no glory here.)

After listening to the song for a while, the images and inspiration just kept on coming, and once I made sure that using this title for a drawing of mine wouldn't lead to questionning due to possibly truly shocking/out of place lyrics (I mean, it's Rammstein, Till Lindemann isn't exactly someone who writes about sunshine, lollipops and rainbows  and if he did he would sucessfully make it dark and sexual anyway), I just went for it and drew the Jin/Toya one. I would have done so even without using the title later on, but when I get inspired by what I listen to, I generally use the song that started it as the title of my drawing as well. Because titles are a pain to find and that I suck hard at it, too.


So, the other two happened just completely naturally. I did enjoy drawing flowers (it was a first, in fact), and wanted to try some more, especially since I'm still getting back on tracks with art. I'm definitely on said tracks as of now, but I'm learning to deal with medias of all kinds and still working on my own style. It's a pretty nerve-wracking thing at times but it feels so good, too. I'm pretty sure I haven't enjoyed a year as much as this one on a personal/artistic level. Anyway, back to the drawings, as always this blog's owner keeps on digressing !

In case you don't know the songs from the titles I used for my pieces, "Sakura Drops" is one of my favorite songs ever from Hikaru Utada. I strongly recommend you check this music video (and her discography in general), for it's beautiful. She's one of the rare artists I would recommend anyone checking.

And, the last one was taken from the famous "Never Let Me Down Again" from Depeche Mode (which happens to be my favorite group of all —- They seriously get me inspired whenever I listen to them. If I had to pick an actual religion, Martin Gore would be its God. I'm not even kidding.). It just didn't feel right to let the 'again' in it though, due to my characters' relationship; anyway, I sometime use lyrics instead of titles.

That's it for that post (and that was a lot more than planned!).


Hope you guys like those new pieces~


Tag(s) : #Art, #Vivid Black, #OC, #Music, #NSFW

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