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Looking back at 2015

Who wants a Meme ?

No one ?

Well I have one for you anyway.

So ! Apparently, the "Summary of Art" Meme has been a thing on DevART for years already (but since yours truly lives under a rock for most times, well, how could she know), and since I kept seeing it everywhere on my feed both on dA and FB these days, well, I ended up doing it. Probably a bit of influence, and a bit of wanting to see if I actually did progress, or rather how, through year 2015.

In honesty, I can say that I did progress in the past year. I got to learn how to work with markers, and I can say that I’m getting reasonably good at it now. When I look at my first marker pieces, I want to go and hide under a rock (remember, I have one at home) for a while. This, or throw said rock at my drawings; but since it would admittedly be useless, I refrain from doing it.

I see major flaws in my drawings whenever I make a new one (or finish it — would I catch them earlier I wouldn’t purposely let them on the thing), but I do think I’m getting better. Hopefully, this all keeps on ! :)

Tag(s) : #Art, #Drawing

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