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I've been doing some cleaning on this blog several times since last year, but I've eventually done what I wanted to do since a moment now; which was sorting things properly (the tags/categories are now organized and all correct - They are on your right in a side bar and can facilitate your navigation if you're looking for something specific on here), and mostly, delete a lot of articles.

As it goes back to 2010, I was basically 6 years younger, and as you can guess, I changed a lot in this span. I'm nearly 30 as of now. I definitely don't want to showcase the same things on my blog as I wanted when I first started it. Especially since I'm back to drawing and painting, too.


What isn't on the blog anymore :

  1. Most of it, to be honest (Post count went from 560+ to 243).
  2. Past ramblings and posts that aren't relevant to the person I am today
  3. Most Jpop posts
  4. Most Kpop posts (still a lot of these, but hugely sorted out)
  5. The Kpop Quotes (I'm sorry guys, I know it has been one of my most visited tag since 2012 and I wasn't planning on deleting them, but it happened that the hosting site for the actual quote pics had put them down, I just saw that. So they don't even appear anymore, and I don't even have them saved anywhere else.)
  6. Many Dir en Grey related posts
  7. Scans
  8. Gifs posts


I still left some really old, full of crazy fangirl/post-teenager hysteria and "XD-lol-omg" fueled posts on there though, as it was not my goal to literally erase any trace from the younger me. It's still me, and I can't imagine the blog suddenly having no entries from before 2014 on it anyway. I've spent so many hours on here, it helped me venting things over and definitely has been therapeutic (still is), as it also has been updated the most during what happened to be the worst years of my life --- hoping of course that they actually will stay so, I don't need any other one-upping them.

So there's a bit of Japanese music, Korean music and such around. I did my best to remove all the articles which included dead links and pictures as well, but if there are any left, I'm sorry ! ^^;

Now onto posting artistic updates~

Tag(s) : #Things I just want to talk about

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