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Update — Donovan & Jin, all of that in matching shades

Celebrating my 200th drawing since the end of my Art-Block ! :D (the official one that is, because including the sketches and more, I’m already nearing 300 ahah)

Man, this feels special to me. Part of me can’t believe I did about 200 drawings in a little more than a year, it feels so good. I missed it all so much.


Well, enough with the emo part in me, on with the actual 200th piece !

#200 by Semichan-Kokonut

  • Here is a dancing Donovan; which is something I’ve been willingly avoiding all year long (side note : my characters from Vivid Black are dancers). Drawing anyone dancing has always been a pain to me, and since Donovan is, moreover, no Contemporary nor classical dancer. He is influenced by Dance-Hall and Hip-Hop, and this feels pretty complex to render to me. Anyway, I did my best ! I’ll just have to do more like this one.


Good Boys by Semichan-Kokonut

  • And the second is Donovan and Jin in outfits I thought about like a year ago (you can actually view the primary sketch here) and somewhat took a while coming to draw for good. I'm quite happy with how it came out ! (which is pretty amazing for me, believe me. We'll talk about it again in 6 months though. Ahem.)

I've been enjoying drawing those two together quite a lot these days. They have a pretty complicated relationship that revolves around the very same person in the story and they're the most dissimilar people there is, but opposites attract, right ?

Tag(s) : #Art, #Vivid Black, #OC

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