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Update — Dots & Watercolour

After the series made back in November, I have been wanting to try more mediums and techniques in the big Mixed Media drawing book I bought, especially since I'm getting around to work with watercolours (and liking it). I'm totally inexperienced, I'm starting from zero, but I like it. I struggle a whole lot to be honest, but traditional drawing in many forms is giving me feelings and sensations I never got to actually feel when I was doing digital before. After all these years, I think I may have found my path~

Anyway, as I was saying, I'm a total beginer with watercolours (and paint in general), and the result must look pretty terrible for any afficionado looking at it, so I apologize for that ! ahah

Here are 3 new pieces so, 2 watercolours, and one Dot work.

Tag(s) : #Art, #Drawing, #Vivid Black, #OC

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