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Update — "Power Bottom"

A quick little update with Donovan and Jin, discussing fashion choices. 

(Actually, Donovan always wears message t-shirts, so this wasn't such a 'random' idea !)

This one shirt actually exists in real life (saw it on a Christmas gift recommendation list if I remember correctly XD) and I somehow this got me inspired (I've got such wonderful muses and sources of inspiration... *cough*).

A Power Bottom* shirt isn't exactly what fits Donovan's personality though, as he is anything but that... But well, that's the spirit, right ? poor baby

Illustrated conversations between Jin and Don might be a recurrent thing from now on, I like the idea. Since I'm having a particularly busy beginning of 2016 though, this might not happen right away, but I definitely want to do it !


* Just in case you might not be familiar with this sort of slang term :

power bottom ‎(plural power bottoms)

(gay sexual slang) A bottom, that is to say the receptive participant in gay sex, who takes charge of a sexual situation, playing a more dominant, aggressive, and commanding role in sex.


Tag(s) : #Art, #Vivid Black, #OC

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