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Update — The Annoying Kissing Couple

So I published this new Toya + Donovan (from my original story project Vivid Black) piece on DeviantART just earlier :

#73 [aka 'The Annoying Kissing Couple'] by Semichan-Kokonut

...And aside from the fact there's no stopping me drawing those two, I mentioned in the description box that there was an actual 'full' version of it, which I was to post on this blog. It's nothing I could in fact upload on dA alone, as it would have made no sense. Anyway, here is a bitter Jin.

[This was a two-pages thing in one of my Sketchbooks]

  • For a quick explanation for those who don't follow me on dA, Jin and Toya are best friends, and Donovan is the new boyfriend. It so happens that they are demonstrative lovers, and this, Jin doesn't like (among many, many other details).

I must say, this Daler Rowney Graduate Sketchbook (which was hella cheap!) does work with all the mediums I use, including watercolours, while it isn't made for that. The page didn't crinkle one bit and the Jin one, which had another drawing on the other side, didn't affect the latter in any way. You just can't see the colours through, it's great. 💗

Tag(s) : #Vivid Black, #Art, #OC, #DeviantART

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