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I have been going through a little nostalgic phase these days and ended up listening to old Japanese pop favorites, and I watched a few videos, too.

I stumbled upon girl duet GAM while doing so, which was a (very) clever association from the Hello!Project label, and on many levels. Well, I've always been a Miki Fujimoto fan (Aya Matsuura, not so much) and this duet was something I liked from the beginning, as their voices matched particularly well and that they were given pretty sweet tunes, but in honesty and with the unbiased way I now have, boy it totally got to me for another reason. 

I remember the teenage me, watching my Morning Musume ~ Odore! Morning Curry concert DVD (such wtf tour names) and regretting that Ayaya wasn't present on stage to perform with Mikitty, and if I didn't want to admit it to myself and would blame it on the fact I wasn't a fan of the first one, it was definitely because I didn't want to realize that I wanted these two girls to interact on stage, even if it would have just been fanservice.

This poor woman, dancing on a choreo meant for two all by herself all of that in a discussable purple dress / pink shoes combo

It was easier to enjoy the Boy on Boy fanservice from Visual Kei groups then, as it was, in fact, completely excluding. Also, I guess it felt safer for me to drool over guys than drool over girls in the family living.

Thankfully, those days are over ! *throws arms in the air* Bonus video with a special version of 'MELODIES', including bed shots only. Because I'm enjoying this 10 years later despite the overall innocent and pretty hilarious nature of it. LET ME.

Tag(s) : #J-Music, #Lgbt

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