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…That I last spent the past 20 hours in bed. Talk about a weekend.


Here I am, it’s 13:14, it’s Sunday, and I’m thankfully feeling good enough to be up and writing on the computer in the living, but it could be better. I’m used to being sick (if you follow me, you’d know I don’t have the best health condition to begin with) so when I’m actually spending my weekend in bed, it means that I’m really sick.

Last time this happened was actually about a year ago, I caught the flu, twice, and literally lost 2 months and a half of 2015 because of it. It was a real hard time for me, both physically and mentally, but I have to say the mental part was harder to deal with, in the end.

If I have a good tolerance to pain, I just can’t deal with things that come in my way when I don’t have them planned, and being sick always puts me in incontrollable states of anger. Not so much because I am ill, but because it prevents me from doing things the way I want. I am a control freak. I know.


Anyway, I feel like it was a one day/one night deal for this one (I keep my fingers crossed), thankfully I’ll start the week normally. I have many things to deal with in my life as now, both factual and psychological, so this doesn’t need to get in the way.


Many people might be saying this right now, but I want 2016 to be the year of change and new beginnings. On a personal level, mostly. Now that I’ve finally met myself, anything can happen.

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