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Update — Rainbows & Drops

Hi guys ! It's been a while I haven't kept up with my artistic updates on here, well, life is busy on several levels at the moment. We're constantly searching for an apartment to move in with my best friend (not an easy task since we're moving 200+km away from our current town and aren't swimming in money) and we've been both been under a lot of stress. Moving is already tiresome to begin with, but when it's two persons with anxiety that have to do it, believe me, the ride isn't fun at all.

This all slowed down my inspiration cycle, I'm not gonna lie (not that I had that much time to basically draw, also), and as of now, I'm going through a complicated phase regarding my work. I still managed uploading these 2 new pieces yesterday night though, so here they are !

Donovan. by Semichan-Kokonut


Jin. by Semichan-Kokonut


I keep drawing Donovan and Jin a lot. They've become my favorites characters of mine to work on, especially Jin, whom is still evolving to this day (Donovan definitely isn't anymore, he's well constructed in my head).

Well, I left him alone in a corner for years too, to be honest. This is all part of a much more complex thing which is in fact directly linked to myself as a person and I perfectly get why I did so until then, as well as why I enjoy working on him so much now. 😏




It literally took me 5+ weeks to come to upload these two pieces somewhere, though... 😌 WIP proof shot from my instagram :


Tag(s) : #Art, #Vivid Black, #OC

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