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Man, it's been about 3 months since my latest post and today. It's nearly July and the weather is super cold... /insert a little sigh/

Well, I haven't been able to keep this blog up (nor my Facebook Page, to be honest), because of life, mostly. My artistic updates have slowed down considerably this year compared to the past one too (I actually draw as much, I just don't upload everything systematically), and my search for a new apartment with my best friend is taking a real long time to bear fruits... I've had a lot of up and downs because of it, but overall this year is a truly happy one for me. It's pretty crazy how coming to terms with yourself can be fulfilling.

This update is just a random one, like many on here. Just some of my usual rambling (I'm definitely gonna update my DevART gallery this week, though).

I went to Paris last week for a short (but intense) vacation with my best friend, and once again I was reminded how living in such a small town as the one I'm currently in isn't for me. I already miss all the buzzing and possibilities, the fact that there's always something to do when you're out the door. Funnily enough, I'm really introverted and I don't like to socialize much, but I don't know, the big city life, I like. It's probably the fact that nobody gives a damn about you, too, while in small towns, there's always someone who might know you either from a cousin of a cousin or worse; from work... Or school. 😒

Anyway, the timing made it so that we left one day before the Pride weekend, which felt kind of bittersweet to me, although I worked as hard as I could to hide it. However, I had that one chance somehow, which was that the Paris Pride was postponed to this weeks' Saturday instead, all of that because of the Euro soccer cup (whatever it is called in English, I just don't know nor care about freaking soccer - According to the french police they wouldn't be able to cover both events). Postponing a yearly event that aligns with international ones and for a specific reason regarding its date is a problem though, especially since the whole soccer thing wasn't a random unplanned happening either. Not that it's a new thing for our community to be disregarded, though. 😩

With the recent events, too, I guess it felt especially sad for the Parisian/French LGBTQ community not to be able to reunite on the usual date, but I hope they do have a good belated pride on this upcoming weekend.

I couldn't celebrate in any other way than through social networks for my part, but somehow it still was better than nothing. I follow people I look up to, and they haven't disappointed me. It might sound stupid, but some of them feel like some sort of guardians, they're a bit like home.

I've discovered the band Years and Years at the very beginning of 2016, through a interview on an LGBTQ site I follow. I watched one of their music video, then bought their album Communion the very next week. As I fell in love with their music, I started getting to know more about the members and Olly Alexander, the front-man, quickly became an inspiration to me. I relate a lot to him, basically.

I'll just end this post with what is probably my favorite song from them (although it's really hard to pick a definite one), "Take Shelter", from the Glastonbury live of the past weekend. 🌈

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