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Eyes brighter than my future

It's that time of the year again when I write a post about an artist I like. Since I'm all kinds of inactive artistically speaking as of now, this poor little blog is as inactive, if not more, cause I actually have posted stuff on my DeviantART page that didn't even make it here. Eh. *loud sigh*

Well, there isn't much suspense as to who I'm gonna talk about, some of you might have recognized Ty Dolla $ign up there. While I'm generally going really fast into Artists I like upon first hearing and go into a monomaniacal phase right after for most times, I've actually known Ty Dolla $ign for a little while now. I liked his voice a lot, but left it to that. Then, I kept on seeing him here and there this year; Major Lazer, Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony... Which I'm not much of a fan of for the latter, but would remain watching the music video of whenever I would stumble upon it on TV, for there was this dude in it.

And it truly started with an innocent little tweet I remember seeing one day, which was mentioning that his eyes were actually really this color, and for some reasons, I ended looking at more photos of him, which surprised me as I have been into girls more than guys lately.
 One sure thing, he's one hell of a photogenic bastard.

Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign

I've got nothing else to say to be honest, this is all just a shameless excuse to make an article about this guy. I like his voice, I like his face, have some music videos.

[Can music in general calm it down with Autotune already though-]

[Suicide Squad is yet another sh*tty movie with a great soundtrack *whispers 50 shades of grey*]

[Honestly one of the best MVs I've seen in a while]


2-days-later Update :

This post title was obviously referring to the guy's bright green eyes.

I used 4 pics to illustrate it and he has his eyes down in 3 of them.


Tag(s) : #Things I just want to talk about, #Music

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