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Update — Fangs and Long Hair

Something different for this update ! While I'm always working on Vivid Black - this is my main project and I basically think, eat, sleep and live Vivid Black since 2 years now, I took a (very) short break a while back and started re-drawing old characters of mine, from a completely different project.

When I was a teen, I liked everything dark and mystic (still do), and as such, I had developed an obsession for Vampires at one point (this thankfully was before Twilight came and ruined it for everyone). I consequently started creating my own little Vampire story (I was doing comics/manga then, I have switched to visual novels since), and in fact had the whole storyline written. Would you know me, you would get how incredible this is. I'm the girl who starts a millions things and never finishes any.

Well, in that same spirit, I decided to give this old thing a new look, and drew two pairs of characters so far :

The first pair are two male Vampires called Ilyas (left) and Zakarie (right). They have sort of a Master/Servant relationship, in the literal sense of it. There's no tinge of ambiguity.

On the second piece, you have a Male/Female Vampire couple, they're married (yes). They're called Vladimir and Yeva, and yup, they're from Russia.


Can you tell I can't get enough of drawing long hair ? Ugh, I swear, this is one of the only things I feel confident about in terms of drawing. 😌

Tag(s) : #Art, #Drawing, #OC

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