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Guess who spent 3 weeks dealing with horrible shoulder pain + sciatica and could barely walk during the holidays ? That's me alright !

And guess who is now starting the new year with tonsillitis ? Yeah, also me. I can barely swallow (which, if you know me, is a problem) and I feel like a big swollen potato (more so)... Let it be next week already.

Well, since I'm stuck on my couch with my computer and that I'm beneath level 0 of creativity with that stupid throat burning like I've swallowed a bunch of thorns (yum!), I eventually uploaded a few drawings should have put online about what... 2 months ago now ? Can you tell I have issues with DeviantART these days


So it's done ! There's lots of Rahil in them. And also, some Rahil d!ck (yes). But there's a rubber on it. So it's OK.

But first, some Donoya.

2017 starts off the right track ! *heavy sarcasm*

#242 — Toya & Donovan

2017 starts off the right track ! *heavy sarcasm*

#246 / "Summer Love" — Donovan & Rahil as Teens

Donovan likes Twilight and this doesn't reflect the views of his creator (aka me). Also, if you want to check the uncensored version, it's on Tumblr @Kokonut-Milk, here : FULL VERSION

2017 starts off the right track ! *heavy sarcasm*

#248/49 — Donovan & Rahil as Adults

2017 starts off the right track ! *heavy sarcasm*

#245 — Rahil & Donovan again.

(Yeah, I gave up on posting the preview versions from dA, they were annoying. Not sure why I didn't do this earlier, btw.)


Tag(s) : #Art, #NSFW, #Vivid Black, #OC

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