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PONPONPONPON • Japan will NEVER cease to amaze me (in a good or bad way, that is still left to decide.). Just when I thought no J-Pop video could made me go " WTF?! " anymore...This pops out of nowhere. Congratulations to this one. Really .

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Tag(s) : #J-Music

Vivid Black - Group 001 EDITED by =Semichan-Kokonut on deviantART • In something Vivid Black related that I said earlier in this blog. In this article 2 new Vivid Black drawings + Detail Shots I was mentioning theme songs I recently chose for each character...

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Tag(s) : #Vivid Black

✪ Welly welly well. I recently kind of simply stopped listening to Japanese music save for D'espairsRay . Why ? Because I can't find anything I actually like I don't like Dir en grey anymore (likeOMGhowisthispossible), the Hello!Project is falling down...

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Tag(s) : #Music