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There's something wrong with this photo. ...If only I could put my finger on it. I just don't know. BUT IT'S SO WRONG

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Tag(s) : #Dir en grey

● I'm not even sure whether I already shared the first one on here or not (bad memory these days...) (and, mostly, not enough sleep ! XD) But oh well, I'll post it in here anyways. So here is a card commission of Die (Dir en grey) and Aoi (The GazettE),...

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Tag(s) : #Commissions

■ According to DeviantART , I'm am now faving my own drawings : ■ I tell you, I did frown when reading this at first. XD And then I remembered..... That it's because of THAT girl that I couldn't pick the name " Semichan " on DeviantART when I created...

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Tag(s) : #DeviantART