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After the negativity from last week (Here, and Here), I actually started my week with this in the sky while being on the road : It was huge, wide and so pretty, I swear (my crappy phone photo doesn't do it any justice) . I've always loved Rainbows, but...

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Tag(s) : #Lgbt, #Things I just want to talk about

Looking for the tag " Grave Encounters " on my blog to delete old Horror Movie reviews and then... Overblog gives me that : #isthathumour

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Tag(s) : #wtf

As I was saying here , I'm uploading new drawings this weekend~! It's a 6 in 1 piece here, actually depicting a scene I wrote for VIVID BLACK . It's Donovan and Toya , only at age 22 and 26 (if you follow me on DeviantART , you're used to see them at...

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Tag(s) : #Art, #Vivid Black, #NSFW, #OC

So Siwon expressed his opinion against same sex marriage YET again. Only, this time, he did on Twitter, and as always, he's trying to shove religion down our throats. Am I surprised ? Absolutely not. Do I think it's sad ? Yes. Does he deserve the backlash...

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Tag(s) : #Lgbt, #Rants :D