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●  Heya~! Just a little post to say I (finally) finished a commission I've been working on for a while today, and that I'll -finally- be able to rest a bit ! and sleep. AWESOME. (XD)

 Well I did enjoy drawing the commission though ^__^ It's always fun to make Kyo so grumpy, especially when he's facing someone desperately calm and nice to him ! 


●  Oh, and here are my two latest comissions by the way (don't think I actually mentionned the previous one on the blog before, so...) :


Room-Mates - 001 by =Semichan-Kokonut


Secret - Page 001 by =Semichan-Kokonut



http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm155/SemichanLovesKokonut/Kokonut%202-0/Cute%20Mood%20Gifs/Dividers/ACottonCandyGIF.gif S P E C I A L http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm155/SemichanLovesKokonut/Kokonut%202-0/Cute%20Mood%20Gifs/Dividers/ACottonCandyGIF2.gif


●  Collaboration with the Dir en grey Fansite Orchestrated Chaos for the "Kyo Month" ● 

Kyo Month - Orchestrated Chaos by =Semichan-Kokonut


●  I wanna work on my OC's so hard now. >:3 I hope i'll find some time to do so, cause i've got such a busy month ahead T_T (June will be too actually XD)


  Anyway, nite nite everyone~! this post ends HERE.http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm155/SemichanLovesKokonut/Gifs/sleep.gif



Tag(s) : #Dir en grey, #DeviantART, #Commissions

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