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... Miraculously, I was there ! And it was awesome.


✖ I'm not gonna make any kind of live report since it's been a little while already and that i don't have the time to; but i'll just give some of my feelings about it; talk a bit you know. Like i usually enjoy doing on here. ^^

✖ I am in no way responsible of the eventually emo sentences and such that might come later on in this post; and that for two reasons : 


#1 - It's 5AM and i'm not sleeping. Why ? My neighboors aren't really of the calm type and once i'm awake, it's pretty hard to fall back asleep. Thank God it's the weekend. V_V;

#2 - I haven't gotten real rest in a while and my life has pretty much been a mess that consisted of work, quite a lot of commissions to manage with, lots of driving by day and night, nervous breakdowns here and there, fighting against stupid viruses that infected my mother's computer despite a good protection (this always stresses me out to hell); and usual life issues as of last month and now.


✖ SOOO.... Excuse any divagation (does that word even exist in english ? V.V) that might happen. *laugh* On with the actual topic of this post now : my dear D'espa ! I love these guys really. Since almost as long as Dir en grey I think ? I've known them with Garnet at that time I remember.

Anyway, I had my ticket for the concert of the 3rd of October in Paris since last June, i actually may have mentionned it in that blog already, I don't even remember. (lol) My dear friend Cactus called me and told me about the show and how it was the final European date and all, and how we couldn't miss it. I couldn't agree more ! We already both went to see them at the 2009 concert of Paris at La Cigale and save for my few health problems that prevented me from enjoying it completely; it was a really great show.

So I absolutely wanted to reiterate the thing ! :) So, we had our tickets, knew where we were gonna stay at in Paris (just went where we go eveytime we visit the city really lol) and it happened that Le Bataclan; where this was held; was probably the closest concert hall to where we would be staying really. Just 10 little train stations to the place. So far so good !


✖ The problem for me was that life had sort of a real bad timing and that I had to go through a terrible loss just one week before the show. I still don't really wanna mention it; but yeah, anyway; I didn't want to go anymore to be honest. But I didn't wanna disappoint my friend Cactus. My mother kept telling me I should go to actually try to change my mind even for just a weekend, and that it could only be good for me. Which was true, actually.

I managed to forget everything during the show, it really felt like I was on another planet. Of course everything went back in my face the next tuesday when i woke up in my bed at home but well. Still was a wonderful experience. 


✖ The band was just perfect on stage, Hizumi sang so beautifully, so powerfully... It was just impossible to guess he's in fact sick. By the way, Cactus and I feared that all the way during our trip from the drive to arriving in Paris to waiting in at the Voltaire Boulevard on sunday; we were scared Hizumi wouldn't manage. And to be honest, although we would be terribly disappointed if the show happened to be cancelled, we were mostly concerned about Hizumi's health condition. From what we saw on the internet the week before; with the Moscow show that ended up cut short; with the important message announcing the indefinite Hiatus... We arrived in the queue quite stressed out in the morning.

But hopefully, everything went on well and they did an amazing job. I enjoyed seeing them again so damn much; it made me realize how strong my love this band really is. Plus, i just love their new albulm Monsters; oppositely to what some people seem to think it is, in my opinion; their best album since Coll:Set (which remains my personal favorite ! ^^).

Sure, "Love is Dead" isn't metal and stuff, but who cares ? DR isn't Metal anyway !  And the fun it is to jump around on this song during a show... i'm tired of people coming to the shows and then putting up agressive reports online just to say how the band was better before. Wanna hear something interesting ? Bands evolve. And if you don't like it, just don't come to the show basically and everybody will be perfectly fine ! :) 


✖ Oh, before I forget... The support act before the show; that Dj sort of guy Cactus and I called 'DJ Roland' (XD), at one point, he put up some MALICE MIZER ! :D "Beast of Blood" to be exact ^___^

My friend and I started singing along immediately when we realized quickly we must have been like... really, no more than 10 at best in the whole hall to recognize the song. O___O We felt OLD back then I tell you. XD

Same thing when there was some Diru (yes there was some ! :D) an Aoi Tsuki remix + the long Yurameki one you know ? (I always loved this one ! <3) Well it seemed that there weren't many Dir en grey lovers out there really.... XD

But during Malice Mizer.... Oh gosh we felt so lonely ! yet it was so fun XDD


✖ Well well well; long story short, we had a harsh day in the queue and decided changing our plans at the very last minute and enter with the last people. Guess what ? We were maybe at the 15th row or something (with tons of persons behind us in the end !). Yes, I can't believe it either ! XD

We were so close while deliberately choosing not to be in the front rows this time (cause we always do otherwise lol); and honestly, enjoyed the concert much more. we could jump, sing and all freely, without perpetually being squashed with the crowd. I didn't wanna risk the same thing as last year when I almost fainted due to my heavy headaches so that was a wise decision. :)

My first reaction when the show began (save for; excuse the fangirl deep within me that still lives; "OMG Karyu is so freakin HANDSOME". XD) was HOLY COW IT'S 'BORN' !!!! :O

Cause yes, before I could realize, they were playing 'Born' and we were all jumping like mad in the hall. I mean, wow, start a concert with Born... They know how to put us in the mood quickly ! XD And yeah, since i said i wasn't gonna make a live report; i just like, spent 2 hours jumping and screaming (or at least trying to lol) and enjoying it like crazy. It was really like a big breath of fresh air for me at that moment.


Stuff bought during that weekend in Paris :

Train and bus tickets

+ A Mc Flurry and a coke during the waiting on sunday (lol)

+ A Tour Bag

+ A Tour Poster

+ A Hello Kitty Phone strap on the way back to my town on the road. (XD)


✖ A simple little weekend with an extraordinary show at the end on Sunday, to sum it all up. :3 Only little regret (just because i haven't really complained yet ! lol) : No signing session this year ! :/ But it's all forgiven considering the amazing show they put on despite Hizumi being sick and all. And, we saw them last year at the signing after all, so we should consider ourseves lucky already right ? ^__^ *sigh of nostalgia suddenly*

Well guys, it's now 5:47AM; my neighbours are still making noise. for all the courgageous ones who read it all, thanks for reading ! lol And for the others; enjoy the photos i'm gonna post after the text now :)


✖ So, here are some shots of the show; Cactus sent me the pics so i don't know where they come from. I just wanna precise that, of course; they're copyrighted to their respective owners and that i'm in no way pretending they're mine.















































































✖ Wew ! It's now 6:11AM, see the time it took me to post all these photos ? Anyway, I'm gonna try sleeping a bit now.


Bye until next post~! ^^

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