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•  Well well I haven't been able to actually update since the last post. I was just too busy :/ I have a few pending articles rigth now, but I guess it'll take some more time before they get published ! ^^




•  Anyways, I'm just posting a quick one to say that I'll be leaving for a few days to Paris for

KBS MUSIC BANK ! http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm155/SemichanLovesKokonut/Kokonut%202-0/Cute%20Mood%20Gifs/000878t2.gif 

• I'm so freaking EX-CI-TED. Words can't even describe. O_O Every new ten seconds I just stop and go : ASNLDSGHGGRZZDUHEZGRZZDUHEZGDUHEHUDGRZDUHEGRZZDUHEZCLAIGJHDL and mentally squeal. http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm155/SemichanLovesKokonut/Kokonut%202-0/Cute%20Mood%20Gifs/2354613.gif (XD)

http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm155/SemichanLovesKokonut/Kokonut%202-0/Cute%20Mood%20Gifs/2uh5y4z_th.gifI'll definitely be updating my Twitter and FB during the waiting on Wednesday. So stay tuned if you want useless rambling from me. :D XD I might also post some photos~http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm155/SemichanLovesKokonut/Kokonut%202-0/Cute%20Mood%20Gifs/r_heart.png

Speaking of which, I hope I manage taking some correct shots during the show. Which I'm in fact not too hopeful about. XD

And, mostly, I hope it's not gonna be too cold outside. Because, it's definitely gonna be HOT inside and the contrast is gonna be absolutely hard to bear. lol But let's remain optimistic anyways~


•  I'm going with my BFF  Rey (as always lol) and we're currently freaking out cause we're kind of scared we might forget something important. And, telling you the truth, good thing we were emailing right now cause I pretty much was about to forget my CONCERT TICKETS. (XD) No kidding, I've been thinking of EVERYTHING....But this. XD Oh the forgetful person I am. V_V lol

Anyways, everything is done otherwise, Just got a few more little things to pack. :3 And then we're going ! ^__^






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