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OMG I LOVE IT. GENG IS BACK AND I REALIZED HOW MUCH I MISSED HIM. (lol so much passion.) Really, I truly loved Gengxin already, but I'm even more eager for the second album now that Kuang Cao is out... I totally adore it ! (my last.fm stats are gonna turn upside down again...ㅋㅋㅋ) I instantly liked the song when I heard it really.

About the Music Video; I'm a bit ambivalent. as usual with Geng's videos, actually... The major problem is the evident lack of money for the production and direction... I don't mind videos made with few cash used when they turned out well of course; and Geng's MVs aren't bad ones so to speak, they just generally look a bit cheap to me (although Kuang Cao looks much better than the previous ones). :/ Which always surprised me when you consider how famous he got in China in these (nearly) 3 past years after leaving Super Junior.

In terms of creativity though, the video is nice. I really liked the whole thing with the ink, although I must admit that when first watching it, I was persuaded Geng was in fact the one using it, not fighting against it... Until the end came. XD Oh, and need I say how awesome he looks riding a horse ? :D XD


♠ Anyways letting watch it if you haven't yet ! 



 It's really too bad Hangeng isn't getting all the attention he needs really. But yeah, he got so much attention on him before; and for quite wrong reasons; that he probably doesn't need it anyways... The most important now is that he's a happier man, for sure.





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