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Hi guys ! Been a long while again right ? Aaah, really... I have been going through so many things lately. And this blog has been left over so much, I'm sorry :(

And today has been a long, quite bad day... Almost everyone that was on my way was granted by that look and sentence really.


And I even got two guys looking at me and commenting my looks audibly, and MAN, it WASN'T the friggin' day. YES I wear tons of makeup. YES I dress up like I go out at night during the day.







So yeah, the mood tonight isn't fantastic, and I'm actually going to bed at barely midnight on my free days. I'm leaving you with my current song obsession (in Kpop at least), SUPA LUV by Teen Top.

If Niel's voice wasn't so high pitched, it would definitely be one of my fav song ever in the Kpop world. I SWEAR. It's so damn addictive.


〈 Normal version Dance Version  and Dance rehearsal. 〉

[Just because the dancing is perfect but the chorus steps are just.... Anyways.]




Now I'm just leaving to dreamland. Byes.



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