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 I just finished one I was working on since a little moment but had to delay every time due to actual lack of proper time to keep on colouring it; but I sacrificed my sunday (*sob*) to finish it. (How heroic of me, i know ! XD)


◆ Here it is~ ◆

Commission - Kaoru card by =Semichan-Kokonut on deviantART


◆ And the second one ! ◆ 

Commission - Kaoru b-day card by =Semichan-Kokonut on deviantART



  And, because I didn't even mention it in this blog when I finished it; here is the previous Kaoru commission I've done; for Allison from Diru_Tabloids (which I already made a Dir en grey commission for); who wanted a birthday card for her dear friend Cammie. I couldn't work on it when it was her actual birthday so she got it late, but hopefully she liked it still ! :)

That's all for this little post; it's already 22:33 and I almost haven't slept the past night so guess I'll keep it cool for tonight. Especially since I've worked all sunday afternoon. lol (and that three other commissions await me !) (...Ever realized how Kaoru is pretty much always crossing his arms on my drawings ? XDD)




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