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Vivid Black - Group 001 EDITED by =Semichan-Kokonut on deviantART

•  In something Vivid Black related that I said earlier in this blog. In this article 2 new Vivid Black drawings + Detail Shots  I was mentioning theme songs I recently chose for each character of the comic, well it quite changed a LOT (there was actually several changes during that lapse of time, Donovan's songs changed for at least 5 times, Luca's one a few times as well... I almost changed my opinion on Toya's songs lately although it was still a Nicole Scherzinger song (lol) so all in all, Jin remained the constant one. XD).

•  Anyway, I just wanted to say it :D (XD) So here's the updated list : 


JinS&M (Rihanna)

Donovan — Unstoppable (Kat Deluna)

Luca — More (Usher)

Toya — Poison (Nicole Scherzinger)


•  And there's actually one more member to the crew BUT... I haven't introduced him anywhere yet so it's useless putting his name and corresponding song right here. XD (And for those who might wonder why I didn't add Camille up, it's because he's just not present anymore at one point in the story, and for this precise part, he has left the crew already. THAT IS, if soemone ever wondered about it, of course. XD)



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