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 Hey~! :D Here's a short post I'm writing just to say that, actually, I won't be updating at all in the few next coming days (I actually should have been updating quite a lot lately but couldn't ><). I'm leaving for Paris in a few to go to Super Junior's SUPERSHOW4 ! ^o^

I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm absolutely eager to see how it's all gonna be >w< Now I'll just check my stuff one last time to make sure I didn't forget anything, and I'll be back on saturday, with, most probably, lots of awesome memories and hopefully, some photos and fancams. (This last parameter isn't so certain though. lol)




  I learned just yesterday that Henry and Zhoumi definitely aren't coming... Although I was expecting it, it still kinda bums be to know I won't be seeing Mochi :( I was hoping until the very end that we would have them but well... Too bad ! :/

Now I really shall go (or I'll be late !), Byes for now people and I'll be back soon~!


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