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....... I actually missed that.

And I haven't catched up since then. XD

What a bad Fan I make.


I don't even have a clue if she performed or not. I just know she won something, thanks to Last.fm people and that actual photo.

So right now my problem is this one : do I look up for it....Or not ? (What an existential question. WHAT a PROBLEM ! Oh dear.) Because, not only I'm into Kpop so much lately I have to schedule my viewing on everything (...) but also, the latest Neeckee live I saw was a mess, quite sad to say but it was. And I truly love our Barbie B*tch, but it was awful.


 It was actually this one : 

It's quite terrible.

And like I said, I ADORE that girl. Really. but this was... No. I like the outfit though. XD Anyway, to go back to what I was actually saying before the video, I'm not sure I wanna waste my time searching for good, HD videos (I can't watch LQ ones anymore. I CAN'T.) to see Nicki sing as good as the presented above video. AND... Also depends on which song she performed, if she did perform (I know I could know all of that in a second thanks to a miraculously handful site called Google, but I'm feeling lazy right now.Yes, THAT lazy.).

Exemple : Super Bass ➡ No thanks. Heard it too much. But I doubt she could have done anything else except... Fly. (And Why do I think this did not happen ?) So, yeah... Here comes another pointless post, quite so. I felt like sharing this incredibly torturous question replaying in my head since late August. Aaah~ My life is so damn complicated. *insert violins here*

And if of course, I happen to take a look at the VMAs of this year, you'll know it. Definitely. Not that you're waiting for it, but you will.


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