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That's what happened to that man, who actually just snapped a quick photo of Dir en Grey's Kyo without knowing who he was; simply because he liked his tats



‹Snapped this the other day, I just liked the guy's Tattoos but he turned out to be a Japanese Rock Star.›

 Ah, the amount of Fans that would dream to end up in such a situation, just like that ! X3

— I stumbled upon this a little while ago now while I was working on my Full Body Digital drawing Commission that featured two Kyo~s actually, and I went back online for a bit looking for more precise Tattoo references; especially regarding the inside of his forearms and all since the ones I had weren't especially of an amazingly good quality. And while looking through the tons of image results on Google, this particular photo caught my attention because I actually never saw it before.

All the DEG fandom most definitely should be aware of it ever since it was published but for me, who isn't following them anymore, it was something new ! lol And I clicked on it immediately, because, in fact, of the photo itself. A clear shot of Kyo's hand (which I would recognize even if he wasn't tatooed there because I've seen it so much in the past...), in the middle of the streets, without his face showing nor any actual clear sign of the fact that it was him. It didn't look like a photography for a Tattoo magazine either... So I was -really- curious. And finally, I ended up on that Tattoo-related Forum; where people where just sharing their recently made Tattoos and those they were about to have and/or sharing ideas and asking opinions. Just a normal Tattoo thread, only at one point there was that post that I screencaped; showing Kyo's tats ! ^^


Since I mentionned it also, here is the actual Commission I made including two Kyo(s) :


COMMISSION - Kyo x Kyo by =Semichan-Kokonut on deviantART


 It took; sadly; longer than planned to get done but I still managed not to take too much time on this (I mean, not making the Commissioner wait for too long ! ><). I'm rather happy of the final result; and I didn't face too many difficulties or re-doings while drawing it so it's cool. :D


Tag(s) : #Commissions

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