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☞  As I've been mentioning in THIS article (about EXO already lol) I am trading a Lay card from the XOXO album (no repackage), as well as a poster of the whole group that I got twice... Which is also the reason why I'm trading my Lay card !

Because yes, the lucky person I am not only got a card of the member I like the LESS in EXO, but I got it in BOTH my KOREAN AND CHINESE VERSION !  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm155/SemichanLovesKokonut/Kokonut%202-0/Cute%20Mood%20Gifs/doh.gif

☞  So, what am I gonna do with TWO Lay cards, huh ? Nothing indeed. 




☞  Anyways, here's a photo of the card, so you can see it's in perfect condition/new.




Preferably, I'm trading it for :

1) TAO







…But anyone else would do really (yeah, I just don't have any attachment to Lay. no matter how hard I try. lol).




I'll update with a photo of the poster as well, but this one, I'll be selling it (unless you have another interesting poster (SuJu, AfterSchool, 9Muses, Secret, 2PM, B.A.P…) or offer to trade it for).



I LIVE IN ☛  F R A N C E  ☚ !

So please don't contact me asking where I live and all and then retract saying you're afraid of shipping etc.

It has been happening to me ever since I got my XOXO copies so, yeah, only serious offers please.

Thanks for your comprehension, and thanks for reading ! ◕‿◕



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  • Hi ! I'm Semichan (A.k.a 'Slow Bunny'). I'm French. I have a passion for Music, Drawing, and Dance. I also love learning foreign languages. [E.L.F ♥ — VitaMIN ❥ — MINE ♡]

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