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► Here are two Commissions I just finished and published on DeviantArt . Both for the same person [→ My0ju0u], who commissioned me two Cards for a friend of her whose Birthday was on the 20th of August. So here are all the Dir en grey Members 'divided'...

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Tag(s) : #Commissions

It's finally done ! (lol) so here comes my little report/review 07 / 02 / 10 ♥ Morning ! (Warning, few ramblings here) ✿ Let's situate it all first. Friday the 2nd of July, 7AM, way too hot weather, hot night; I'm in Paris since 2 days with my BFF Cactus...

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Tag(s) : #J-Music

♥ Well, 'been a few days I'm back home actually. lol But I've been extremely tried after my trip to Paris... It was awesome though ! and O H MY GOD MORNING MUSUME . I LOVE THEM SO MUCH . IT WAS SOOOOOO DAMN GREAT. Best J-music concert I've ever been to...

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Tag(s) : #J-Music, #Dir en grey

Just wanted a second lil post about Gaga , cause I needed to say, I've been watching some fan cams of The Monster Ball/The Fame Ball tour lately; I actually never did it before; and, as expected, the show looks amazing. I hope there's a future DVD release...

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Tag(s) : #Music

♣ Jin comes from my comic Vivid Black . But who is Tehe the Pumpkin ? Dun dun dun~ that's a MYSTERY. The sliced, red(?) Lemon on the side is called " Gunu ". Because the only thing he seems to be able to say is " GNNNNNN ", for the life of him. ♣ And,...

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Tag(s) : #Vivid Black

✦ Most of the persons who ever heard of me know me for this : The Dir en Grey Comics I make since 2008 . I actually started drawing little Diru comics back in 2005, but never came to publish them anywhere. What made me want to start publishing them for...

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Tag(s) : #Dir en grey, #DeviantART, #Art, #Fanart
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