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After the negativity from last week (Here, and Here), I actually started my week with this in the sky while being on the road : It was huge, wide and so pretty, I swear (my crappy phone photo doesn't do it any justice) . I've always loved Rainbows, but...

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Tag(s) : #Lgbt, #Things I just want to talk about

Looking for the tag " Grave Encounters " on my blog to delete old Horror Movie reviews and then... Overblog gives me that : #isthathumour

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Tag(s) : #wtf

So Siwon expressed his opinion against same sex marriage YET again. Only, this time, he did on Twitter, and as always, he's trying to shove religion down our throats. Am I surprised ? Absolutely not. Do I think it's sad ? Yes. Does he deserve the backlash...

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Tag(s) : #Lgbt, #Rants :D

Abel Palm Tree Tesfaye, A.K.A The Weeknd I know Abel has a lot of Fangirls. However, for some reasons, I have been having spontaneous discussions with the fanboys only so far (them to me, I haven’t actually engaged in a conversation with any The Weeknd...

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Tag(s) : #Music

German publishing house Fireangels has launched pre-orders for their 2016 Boys Love Calendar, and I'm glad to tell you that I am a part of it ! 3 pieces of mine are featured in it, along with many other Artists' ! Please support by buying and sharing~...

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Tag(s) : #Art, #Yaoi

It's 1am, I got paint, markers, crayons, liners, music in my ears, coffee, candles... ...and I feel like sleep isn't on tonight's schedule so, well, anything can basically happen. I yet have to determine if it's either a good or bad artistic vibe I'm...

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Tag(s) : #Art, #Drawing
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