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I have been sketching and thinking next drawings all night tonight, and it hasn't happened in a really long while. (I usually go for my ideas without making sketches prior to the actual drawing, but I weirdly forgot how good it was to lay my thoughts...

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Tag(s) : #Art, #WIP, #Demons

▫ Continuing on with the " 7 Princes Of Hell " series I'm on since september 2014 💦 (ugh so slow) ➡ Got 4 demons out of 7 done so far (= Satan/Lucifer/Asmodeus/Leviathan), and I'm currently working on Belphegor~✌ He's gonna have looong wavy hair. 💇 And...

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Tag(s) : #WIP, #Art, #Demons, #Drawing

Ah, I had the hardest day in a long while today. I finally could say goodbye to both my father and older brother. I haven’t cried in days and it felt like I was relieving so much stress and sorrow, my head hurts so much, there’s a constant pounding inside...

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Tag(s) : #Things I just want to talk about
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