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▫ Continuing on with the " 7 Princes Of Hell " series I'm on since september 2014 💦 (ugh so slow) ➡ Got 4 demons out of 7 done so far (= Satan/Lucifer/Asmodeus/Leviathan), and I'm currently working on Belphegor~✌ He's gonna have looong wavy hair. 💇 And...

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Me : I don’t know why I keep dating blonde guys with blue eyes I don’t even like it Her : Well maybe you do Me : They were quite handsome, but still Me : I’m more into guys with like, Siwon’s style Her : Aren’t you aiming a bit too high Her : Please

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Tag(s) : #Convos, #Kpop

Her : You know that’s funny when you look at the peaks of our love lives so far Her : I’ve had a long relationship with a man and lived with another Her : You dated a transgender and went out with a married guy Me : Depending on how you look at it I don’t...

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Tag(s) : #Convos
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