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There's something wrong with this photo. ...If only I could put my finger on it. I just don't know. BUT IT'S SO WRONG

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Tag(s) : #Dir en grey

● I just stumbled upon this by taking a look at the statitics of my blog and seeing where the visitors come from; and I saw a link to Youtube . I do have a channel (here, by the way : http://www.youtube.com/user/SemichanKokonut ) but I didn't think it...

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Tag(s) : #Dir en grey, #DeviantART

✦ Most of the persons who ever heard of me know me for this : The Dir en Grey Comics I make since 2008 . I actually started drawing little Diru comics back in 2005, but never came to publish them anywhere. What made me want to start publishing them for...

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Tag(s) : #Dir en grey, #DeviantART, #Art, #Fanart