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I thought I should make a little something for today. Here is a drawing of my character Jin (from Vivid Black ), who happens to be pansexual. (Fyi : Jin is non-binary and doesn't identify as male or female completely.) Happy Pride Day again, people !...

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Tag(s) : #Lgbt, #Art, #Vivid Black

After the negativity from last week (Here, and Here), I actually started my week with this in the sky while being on the road : It was huge, wide and so pretty, I swear (my crappy phone photo doesn't do it any justice) . I've always loved Rainbows, but...

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Tag(s) : #Lgbt, #Things I just want to talk about

So Siwon expressed his opinion against same sex marriage YET again. Only, this time, he did on Twitter, and as always, he's trying to shove religion down our throats. Am I surprised ? Absolutely not. Do I think it's sad ? Yes. Does he deserve the backlash...

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Tag(s) : #Lgbt, #Rants :D